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Young people are so often bombared with images and thoughts that are far from encouraging them to be the best person that they can be.

Giving a Gotcha'TM, will change the focus of anybody. On November 17th, 2011 I was in the grocery store and gave a Gotcha'TM to an elderly lady. Her worried expression changed as her face broke out in a smile as she read it. As I walked away and said "have a great day", her response was precious, "I already am, thank you for the card." Imagine what will happen to the child that you give it to. Share, not just at Christmas, but all year long.

Giving a Gotcha'TM will be your way of passing it forward. You'll be glad you did. Joy is contagious.

Gotcha'TM come in sets of 20, with 4 of 5 different cards. Make it a habit of sharing this positive cards to the people who serve you, wait on you, mow your lawn, clean your house, take care of your children, check you out at the grocery store, serve you at McDonalds, etc.

Bring a smile with a Gotcha'TM, who knows you may save a life.

Order your set(s) today. Volume Discounts available.